Darling Tallulah

Ephesians CH 4 V 2 – Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.


You’ll see me one day

by the light of the bright white

moon, brushing my hair


A new place to explore


First Haiku

A tear slowly makes
Its way down as if it is
Thinking of you too

In Him, in me

The Lord wiped my eyes
Like brushing droplets from a petal
So that I could open them and see
Him clearly in all things.

The Lord swept His hands
Over the sands of my heart
And levelled the dunes of inclarity –
To certainty, in Him.

The Lord will never fail
in His perfect,
loving way.
And He is right there, in me.

And I want to keep Him there, always.

Night water

playing until it’s
uncomfortably dark.
to the swimming creatures

the temperamental
chameleon water
soak up
its surroundings.


transparent as light
it becomes
by a revealing sun.


dark as the octopus ink
it becomes
by a hidden sun.
my voice is singing to

night water

A lengthy grey blur

A lengthy grey blur
A thousand faces I shall never again see
A mind that cannot think
A feeling I cannot fathom
A sleep that tires with vivid dreaming
A pool of light here, a pond of shadow there
A world I know nothing of.

But I am so very safe,
And warm
Lying down as He carries me
In His hand, and it’s okay.

Fragment pt II

only utter
cheap straw castles
three last shots –
like three wishes
flamingo curtain shadows
on my 1am
a gorgeous mind
when steps vibrate
their waters they
mull in the depths
your breath is
thunder to me
but you have not realised yet
apparently orange
but I saw
a little red on yellow
as many reflective surfaces
in one
rectangle and simultaneously
at a loss
I will walk
in Him
the skin of your back
is my canvas
and it has been said
that when
I sleep on my back
it is just like when I was a
vintage understanding
laughable irony
I will perfume my pillow
before I
tuck you in
and leave and
touching it means it will
no longer be
that time was never convenient for me
come back
for a moment, let’s reconstruct
they will dance them around
like a tea set in spring
essential on the spot
and I wonder if understanding
requires language
pink and blue
gin and tonic,
same thing
the best transport
like cogs of our knowledge
that I have not yet polished
and isn’t it funny
if you shine the light
on it right
a sheet of metal