by Pamela

what to say
has completely failed me
it has spilled over the brim of my mind
into a pool
of non answers
and plenty of wonderment
the man outside
chopping the daisies away
is my mood today
but it is not my place
to tell you
that I feel you are a
sheet of frosted glass
no music will suffice
soak in candle light
considering you
my eyelashes are wet
not an afternoon for the yellow dress
when I return to it
I may be tired of it
suppose it was surreal for all of us
okay maybe tomorrow
daylight is too harsh
to talk inside of
a few doors closed
for now
give my heart a pat on the back
would you please
order everywhere
notes, bow
pressing my freshly awoken lips
onto an ice cold window
leave my mind alone
the life of a kaleidoscope
it’s when there’s an absence
with a lens
document life
today I shan’t stand it
hang me on the line
to dry of all thoughts of you
lines and numbers more numbers
faster beating of a heart
and understanding
no not really a haiku
first meeting
study the bank of the past
day dreaming requires me
to open my eyes wide so it will fall out
lifting up
the length of ten of my feet exactly
precious jewels safe in my tummy
who knows
Unfailing knows
about a full month
and fresh oranges are gorgeous
shall I convince myself
or let it float along
life being lived
what comes in batches of 92
don’t be a silly girl
significance of veins on wings
glittery eyelids
baby diamond
my voice has opened
I nearly feel ready to go outside
no erase that thought please