by Pamela

be gentle.
Reason tells me to trust,
Instinct tells me to trust.
if the Lord of my Reason is giving me Instinct,
I must trust both.

I try to ignore so that I may be
on the Earth
as there might be Another involved.

as soon as one thing enters
it is forgotten, invalidated
and that is it.
I shall walk again.

and this is the state of mind
you bring me to. or is it
my own Earthly impatience
with Trust?

where I ‘am’ now is the place
I see you in others
and believe it is you there.

perhaps it is good
that I cannot what I am thinking of
for it is teaching me to be

let me count the stars
and let me count them for they are the amount of explanations I might find
let me realise that
the distance between them and my Body
is how far I can be from being

and I will walk and sit and write and sit and write and walk and sit
until I have nothing left of my almost-something.
and yet This
is not my answer, This

is momentary relief until I try
that at least something has come of my almost-nothing.