by Pamela

One early morning maybe at that four o’ clock time
when the birds start to sing
I’ll dream of you and
when I wake up
you’ll tumble right off my eyelashes
into my bed, next to me.
One of your kisses on my shoulder
one of your thoughts on my breath
my curiosity running over your cheeks
and I just know you’ll ask me
if I want you to read a bedtime story to me while I
draw on the ceiling with my ponderings
and fairy dust.
And you just know that I’ll give you
my laughter in return, it always makes you
give me that look.
My toes will dance over yours to the
rhythm of your voice
which eventually touches mine.
Til we drift to sleep
me to the taste of wine
and you to sugar.
Your hand gracing my back
your cold watch face on my arm
leaving an imprint
of the time you vanish
so you can come and
tumble from my eyelashes again