by Pamela

At just gone 12 o’ clock this morning the sky was so beautiful, but the lanterns this year made it that bit more magical.
I wanted to post this before the day ended, happy new year darlings x

Tonight I saw so many of you.
Wishes, in the same pool of sky
that I’ve looked out to my whole life.
Flying over to,
from where I kneel on the ledge – the welcoming breeze soaking into my skin,
is East,
watching over the festivities,
gathering more new year wishes that float right up to you from their lips, unaware.
Let me fly with you to your sleeping place
where hope spills from your extinguishing light.
You are sequins to the stars
and the many floating moons to merpeople.
Tell me your diamond secrets, dance the new year in with me.
You pretty things, you make me smile in my mind,
right inside my tummy
where it’s warm and the jewels are hidden.
Every mug of tea I ever drank, at long last just thawed me completely.
I hope you don’t mind but for the moment I shall photograph you
and tell your story.